The memory of his son - in "Cross Road"

Embroidered "Cross Road" Ternopil family Oleg and Jaroslava Lyktey - unique. So far, no one in Ukraine, but it is possible that in the world, dared to undertake such a grand job. 14 small semi-embroidered cross paintings that reflect the way of Jesus Christ on Calvary, in Lent 2000 began his long journey Ukraine ...

"I want people who see the" Passion of Christ ",
thinking about what each one's cross and
should carry it with dignity "

1992 in the journal "Fatherland" published an article about Ukrainian vyshyvalnyka from Rome priest Dmitry Blazejowskyj author of dozens of original embroidered icons. The article was illustrated with two small photos of his work.

Actually one of those small, the dim reflection, family Lyktey reproduced his first icon. And shortly they were able to meet with the master, when he arrived with his exhibition in Ternopil. Then said panotets symbolic words sunk deep into the soul Oleg: "I am only one who leaves the first tracks in the snow, others will follow me." It was during the exhibition priest shared with a young couple secrets of his art.

Time went by, and soon the family reproduced on canvas or not all the old legacy Ukrainian priest. So Oleg wanted to create something actually unique. The theme was looking for a little while, as if she herself came to him. The whole family loved to visit the village of the island near the chapel of the healing spring, near Ternopil. There, on a picturesque hill in the early 1990s built a symbolic Passion of Christ the Son of God. Repeated reflections on Jesus' suffering was inspired to create a series of Oleg embroidery "Cross Road", dedicated to 2000 anniversary of Christmas. The first stationary Stations of the Cross, he began to embroider with the eldest son Sergiyko. They transferred the picture on millimeter paper, thought out composition. The work was titanic. That's only black lines outline embroidery lasted about a year. Worked on the icon in your free time. Still life care embroidery made ​​to postpone indefinitely.

And who knows, is not lost to in the daily concerns artistic intention, if not a family tragedy. Hot July dnyny 14 years Sergiyko died. Deep eddy on Zbruch where the boy rested his comrades, absorbed it. Incomprehensible, but that terrible moment and Oleg and Yaroslav, who were in different places at the same time received from the dying son of mystical tidings.

Thus the life of this family of conditionally divided into two periods - before and after Serhiykovoyi death.

Although newly built house near the parents growing up the youngest son, here an invisible presence is felt older - lost.

Perhaps it is this persistent feeling of a family forced to return once started with Sergiyko case, put the goal to complete the Stations of the Cross to the 2000 anniversary of Christmas and thus perpetuate the memory of his son. To make it to the specified time limit, the family appealed for help in the embroidery to the people who did not care about the future plan. The main helper, still had a wife and son Vitaly. Slowly the canvas turned into works of art. And at Christmas 2000 the youngest son made ​​the fourteenth stationary last stitch.

"Stations of the Cross" sanctified in the same tserkovtsi where funeral Sergei. After the consecration, the exhibition began its journey Ukraine.

"We want people to perceive
this exhibition, not only as a work of art.
In embroidery, we have invested and pain and suffering,
and faith in the inevitable resurrection "

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